Additional IT Solutions

We can pull from a pool of IT professionals to complete finish or build out whatever services or application you might need. From internal office applications to public facing website and application design, we can build anything you can dream.

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System Security Services

Security threats, vulnerabilities and privacy exposures challenge every organization today, creating risks that must be understood and managed. We can also help you prepare for responding to security events as well as provide incident response forensics and analysis expertise.

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Application Solutions

With an experienced and knowledgeable staff, and utilizing preferred vendor relationships meet the IT planning, design, implementation, maintenance, and management requirements of both single- and multi-location businesses.

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Networking Services

Serving thousands of organizations across every major industry, we help clients achieve their business objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their networking systems.

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Enterprise Networking and IT Solutions

Texas Networking provides superior IT skills and experience. Contact us today to see how we can make your project a reality. Let us help you assess your requirements and plan a smooth migration. From datacenter design to in-depth network and security setup, Texas Networking can design, source hardware, install and support your network.


Datacenter Migrations made easy!

Datacenter migration is usually view as a risky complicate process which involves downtime and lost sales, but with the proper planning any downtime and costs can be minimized.

Realize your savings!

Move away from that global bohemoth!

Do the math - although those global companies can literally offer you everything under the sun worth losing the personal service? Are you gaining that much over a more specialized local or regional provider? Ask us how we recently moved a customer just down the street and helped them realize a 50% savings on their monthly costs.